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    • 2017-08-16
      The pulse switch socket electrical accessories mar


    With the purchase of heat continued to rise, China switch socket industry showing great vitality in the macro economy a good momentum of development trend, the overall size of the market continues to expand, new products continue to improve brand emerge in an endless stream. How can we make an invincible position in this flourishing switch socket Market? The author will analyze the current situation of the switch socket Market from the point of view of consumer demand.
    At this stage, the purchase of commercial housing major consumers gradually younger, most of them are 80, 90 after the people. Personality, and accept new things faster, eager for innovation and change, and hope to live a comfortable, fashionable, warm life. They like the style of home decoration which is more concise and fashionable. They are the major consumer force in the next 10 to 20 years, and are the major consumers of middle and high grade personal brand switches. Therefore, this type of crowd of switch socket consumption tends to fashion or style of intelligent products, such as IKEA, Manco series of high-end concealed Yuxi series or SOK smart Home Furnishing Haoyue series, elegant series, L9 series, V5.0 series, the range rover micro V5.2 series etc..
    Ordinary shops, restaurants, hotels, hotels, office buildings, public places, acceptance of commercial housing, etc., are the important objects for the consumption of switch and socket electrical products. They are quality, price, brand of the main switch socket standard choice, the choice of brand is popular brand, especially its price, such as Manco built-in switch A2 series, 30 series, C30 series, J1000 series, J2000 series, etc.. And relatively high-end hotels, guesthouses, clubs and so on, will choose high-end intelligent switch design, real-time control, so that customers have more comfortable and convenient experience, such as SOK hotel smart series.

    The rural market is a mainstream brand has been ignored the potential market, and with the advancement of urban-rural integration and the new generation of people's consumption consciousness change, the future of rural market is a huge opportunity, and will be the emergence of a number of new electrical accessories brand, and mature brand also needs on the part of the market adding appropriate.
    The future, how to grasp industry dynamic switch socket, timely response to market demand, will be an important task to every electrical industry tycoons in the.

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