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    • 2017-08-16
      Current situation of switch and socket industry, t


    Switching power supply is the primary categories of electronic goods supply, because of their small size, light weight, high power density, power / input voltage, wide planning cost less heat the various strengths, trend and benefit from electronic goods frivolous short, the agile, agile instead of linear power supply popularization in various kinds of electronic product category. According to the collected data China power supply, switching power supply (including the 2008 national primary consumer switching power supply, industrial switching power supply, communication power supply, PC power supply, the same below) output reached 85 billion 500 million yuan, in 2009 reached 93 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 8.8%; in 2010 reached 102 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 10.3%.
    Switching power supply goods into standardized goods and non standardized goods, usually standardized goods orders a larger volume, low profit margins, fierce competition, and non standardized goods orders for small batches, but higher margin, less competition. Standardized products are mainly used in consumer electronic products, PC power supply and other areas, rather than the use of standardized custom goods and communications, power supply, new energy and industrial power supply. The standardization of switching power supply company is usually based on customer orders production, the company is usually not in stock. By order manufacturing, refers to the receipt of customer orders, in the existing commodity plan on the basis of amendments to planning, manufacturing and installation, or re development planning, in the end to provide customers with customized goods production methods. The company after the receipt of customer orders, in accordance with the detailed requirements of the order, planning to special needs of satisfied customers customized products, from the supplier selection, raw materials, manufacturing process, process planning needs and products to all customer orders by resolution. Very many switching power supply goods type, usually companies can not get the advantage in each subdivision in shopping malls, commercial competition power adapter and charger of mobile phone of this specification sharp lower margin, each company has its main market segments, active open up new areas, can achieve better win rate.
    Unlike planning customization, customization of switching power supply is more small batch customization, in order to better control costs, and agile to customers provide low cost and high quality custom goods, put forward the higher need for company development, production management and acquisitions to, companies need to have the goods to agile development planning and the acquisition of raw materials to the traditional rigid, specifically for a commodity planning production line will also be able to manufacture with diversified and personalized needs of the flexible production line to replace.
    China's power supply products are more varieties, the use of a wide range of categories in various sub areas are planning and uneven levels of competition.
    Eaton, Schneider, Emerson group, Delta Electronics, power giant Jinli Electrical Appliance Company as UPS power, industrial power supply and PC power occupation benchmark companies in the market in the corresponding category certainly leading position, its visibility, planning, cost and quality control and strength and skill to have far more than the domestic power supply company. Such as Guangdong Foshan Jinli Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. has two electrical and SOK Manco brand, the domestic well-known brand Manco electrician, products include electrical products, Home Furnishing lighting, LED lighting and other fields. At present. He not only has scale with annual production capacity of more than 100 million electrical products production, but also has a total area of over two hundred thousand square meters, lighting electrical products to complete all kinds of advanced production equipment and the scale of production, is one of the largest professional production and marketing enterprises in the industry.
    These years, with the world's manufacturing and handling domestic manufacturing companies, development experience accumulated gradually in the domestic, some consumer switching power supply, PC power market segments made desktop category will break, the growth of a number of power companies must has competition advantage, with power station the Great Wall computer company subordinate manufacturing division has become the domestic leading power of desktop PC.
    Because all the goods manufacturers are large domestic companies and multinational companies are multinational operation and sale, therefore, power supply manufacturers in the abundant competition environment, in order to quickly response to changes and shopping malls need to lower operating costs, with global operations management, real-time, intact, at the lowest cost, flexible production with the rapid delivery principle, customer satisfaction, quality, delivery time and price need to address. Together, regular shopping quotation comparison analysis, to ensure that the goods in the functions and quotations on the advantages of active participation in the development of new products, for the whole machine manufacturers to provide relevant support.

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