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    • 2017-08-16
      Socket new GB: made in China, upgraded to China


    Recently, the socket industry is experiencing a shock, because the new national standards to implement, and from the socket industry history, this is the third time.


      New GB GB switch to promote the industry reshuffle
    Every time the implementation of the national standards, is a "made in China" upgrade. The new national standard sockets, put forward four new requirements on the socket, including increased protection door, power line, flame retardant materials, enhance the bold product name changes and mandatory 3C certification requirements, the requirements of each socket for many companies are challenges, both cost challenges, but also the quality of the jump.
    For example, the new GB requires wire line diameter increased by 33%, which means that the use of copper wire to increase the corresponding 33%, according to industry estimates, the cost of sockets to enhance more than 20%. For example, materials, flame retardant, lifting, shell selection, the requirements of socket materials used even if burned by flame, leaving the flame can also immediately extinguished.
    These new requirements, on the one hand, greatly enhance the safety of consumers, such as the new GB mandatory jack set the security door, to prevent children inadvertently cause accidents; on the other hand, for the socket enterprises, need to improve the manufacturing level, and cost control ability. Moreover, the time is urgent, the new national standard outlet requirements from January 1 onwards, all domestic USB class to complete the new and old standard socket switch; since April 14, all the new and old standard switch socket to complete, companies can only produce products in line with the new national standard.
    Switch every time the new national standard, is the industry reshuffle, all in the industry work, always adhere to the quality of the manufacturing enterprises, often to consolidate their advantage. On the other hand, those who focus on immediate interests, and more on cheap products, make quick money, will quickly decline.
    To socket new GB, for example, compared to other enterprises, the industry worked more than 20 years of the Bulls calm a lot. It is understood that the bull began to adjust the production line as early as the beginning of last year, and in October last year listed the Fu Hexin wireless socket GB, as of February this year, the bulls have been listed more than 50 new GB socket products, can be accounted for market opportunities.
    Why is the bull, because the first to enter the Chinese made?
    Why is the implementation of the new socket GB, the bull is out of the way, this is because the bulls have already crossed the upgrade from China to China made upgrades, to achieve a new change. In the recent two sessions, the prime minister's government report once again refers to "China made by wisdom", the so-called "Chinese made wisdom", which means "intelligent manufacturing in China". However, the general consensus in the industry is that in order to build from China to China, it is essential to realize the quality of China first, otherwise, there is no way to create it.
    China makes famous world, but it gives more people the impression of cheap and low quality, and has a bad reputation on its back. As the global consumers enter the upgrading of consumption and pay attention to the quality of the new era of consumption, it is imminent for Chinese manufacturing to upgrade to China. Therefore, a group of typical representatives of Chinese quality have been born. In the mobile phone industry, led by HUAWEI, the mobile phone manufacturers because of pay attention to the quality of a strong rise, Samsung, apple and other international limelight manufacturing giant; in the socket industry, is a bull as the representative of the company because the focus on quality and innovation, has become a leader in quality Chinese made.


    What is Chinese made? From the bull body can be reflected incisively and vividly. Specifically, quality + innovation, with the spirit of craftsman constantly Polish quality, with continuous technological research and development, innovation. I visited the testing center of bull and digital factory production line recently, the company cited that the socket with the further understanding of Howe's artisan spirit, the bull is the only through the United States UL Vico witnessed the laboratory, WMT witnessed the laboratory accreditation of enterprises, in the detection of heart is capable of detecting the level of National Laboratory, each socket a line must be detected by ATE detection, aging box etc. 29 testing process to the factory. It can be said that the bull market each product has experienced as low as -70 degrees of low temperature, as high as 300 degrees of high temperature, a variety of stretching, pressing, winding and other "Purgatory detection", quality can be imagined. In fact, the chairman of the bulls, Ruan Liping himself is an engineer origin, he and his bull can resist temptation, in 21 years time to continue to focus on the field of electrical engineering, can be called a big country craftsman.
    The same is true of innovation, although the socket looks ordinary, but it is not easy to do it well. A socket with over 50 parts, each buckle, each solder are related to our security, which contains material technology, engineering technology, process technology, process design and many other technologies need to persevere, continuous innovation in order to do. For example, the core components of copper Bull New GB socket using a copper stamping scheme is more secure, i.e.copper strips around the shell are nested, copper bar and shell joint closely, ensure that the complex operation environment in copper does not loose and socket.


      Development of stamping copper technology innovative technology is one of the only countless bulls, we now It is quite common for button type switch socket, is actually Ruan Liping's invention, and lightning protection, anti surge converter socket, rainproof socket and so on are the bull first, only in the converter field of the socket, bull has 200 patents. It is with the focus on the quality of the craftsman spirit and attention to innovation, so that the bull has become a typical representative of China's quality, but also in the introduction of each national standard to strengthen their leading edge.
    In the debate of real and false, the upgrading of China made again
    This year NPC and CPPCC, there is a very hot topic, the discussion is that the real economy and the virtual economy, the real economy is not good is not affected by the fictitious economy? Virtual economy Internet leader whether there is so miraculous?
    In the socket industry, also have the Internet and the real contrast of the shadow, the bull farming industry for more than 20 years, seems to have been unknown to the public, two years ago, millet into the socket industry, launched Internet plus socket has become hot shuabing. But when the limelight is over and then compares the status quo of the two companies, everything is very clear, that is, the main body of the Chinese economy, or in the entity, especially in those Chinese made enterprises.
    Comparison of the Internet and real socket industry representatives, said that he is a pig under the air, they wait for the outlet, then with low price to allow users to scream, with continued speculation and marketing gimmick to attract eyeball manufacturing flow; a more like Benniao, without waiting for the air, but for more than 20 years to adhere to a crenels charge, insist on to upgrade the quality with continuous technical inputs. Later, everyone saw, with the wind up the pig is not persistent, once the wind stopped, the pig fell down, and because there is no sustained accumulation of technology, industry accumulation, fell very badly.
    I also noticed a little Chinese matter made and not conservative but to absorb all kinds of advanced thinking, when China quality made the case of Internet, not lost, but Internet plug in the wings thinking, let China quality made upgrade, this is the real matter made China. Take bull as an example, in the face of the impact of Internet opponents, both insist on their own advantages, but also absorb the advantages of the opponent, combined with the advantages of the entity and the Internet to the next floor. For example, the bull is now through the Internet channels to listen to the voice of users, improve and optimize products, marketing is also exploring the use of the Internet effectively touch the young users of innovative ways, and so on.
    Looking forward to the future: Chinese wisdom is making progress on the road
    From "made in China" to "made in China", the inevitable trend in the future is "made in China". As mentioned above, the premise of China's wisdom is that China has made it. In other words, those who are made of China's quality will have the opportunity to become the first batch of pioneers and practitioners of China's wisdom.
    As a bull, for example, in the China matter made on the basis of a new direction, intelligent manufacturing has been proposed specifically, is the use of smart products and intelligent equipment Chinese made era into two legs. In terms of smart products, the bulls have set up digital products division, the establishment of digital boutique factory, launched intelligent products. As the bull automatic anti overcharge USB charger can be intelligent charging time, full automatic power-off device, prevent overcharge, can meet the current intelligent distribution, two sets of equipment to achieve intelligent fast charging, charging, the overcharge protection technology is said to be the industry's first WiFi smart socket; the 2 generation can make the bull the user through the mobile phone APP remote control home appliances, a variety of timing control mode, but also the timing of memory, can still run off net. These smart products are completely subvert the traditional converter industry, making it intelligent.
    In terms of intelligent equipment, the bull is accelerating the implementation of "man-machine combination" flexible automation process model. For example, to adapt to the socket of the "new standard", the automatic process line of wireless products first order line automatic chemical bull in the industry, to achieve a triode automatic assembly, automatic assembly pressure soldering copper strip anchor and other functions, in which the overall technology is unique to bull copper strip here to achieve modular design automation assembly. It is understood that the bull will also promote 4-5 automated production lines this year, invest hundreds of new injection molding, key components assembly, testing and other 4 automated workshops, hundreds of key components assembly line immediately.


    What is interesting is that quality is the premise of intellectual creation, but the wisdom of rebellion has brought about a strong guarantee for quality. For example, the new national standard requires each outlet has a protective door, the bull sells more than 200 million outlets per year, each outlet 3 protective doors, which makes the bull is only the protection of the door assembly needs 600 million. If you do manual work, it is not only inefficient, but also difficult to guarantee quality. The automatic assembly and inspection of the protective door in the automatic workshop of the bull launching gate not only reduces the manufacturing cost, but also ensures the quality and quality of the key components.
    In a word, a small socket of the implementation of the new national standard, it reflects the change of economic China, adhere to quality and innovation such as the bulls, in an industry quietly stick to work on more than 20 enterprises, is the real China quality of manufacturing enterprise. And when the combination of Chinese quality and the Internet, combined with the spring tide of intelligence, the real "China made wisdom" era is not far from us.

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