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    • 2017-08-16
      Simon electric School of excellence delivers a new


    In summer July, and mining business school ShangHai Railway Station hot start. The school site brings together in large beam group, real estate, Dongsheng estate, Hutchison Whampoa , Jia Zhaoye, was a real estate, Greenland Group, Helen castle, forte group, more than a dozen well-known enterprises occupation purchasing managers, Simon electric (Chinese) engineering and customer manager Mr. Li Minze as a guest lecturer, share professional knowledge of electrical equipment industry and students, and the importance of switch socket industry trends as well as the products for the whole building decoration and other hot topics in-depth discussion.

    In the real estate industry hardcover demand at the moment, refined decoration tide goal is to obtain the best indoor living environment. From the industry trends, design style, special materials, intelligent, functional diversification is now the mainstream development of switching socket products. These changes more attention to detail, including PC material for flame retardant, high strength, non-toxic advantages from ABS and other raw materials and materials in the current talent shows itself; and the Tin Phosphorus Bronze mechanical strength, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance become the preferred; at the same time for the switch, switch contact details such as the mouth, Simon the choice of electrical materials, PA66 silver alloy better. To control these details, but also allow users from the appearance of touch, the use of feelings, sockets, security and other angles to enhance the use of refined decoration project product experience.

    In addition to the hard performance of the product, the core strengths of Simon electric are also reflected in the full house solution, which is based on Simon Electric's leading innovation and a rich product system. Simon electric products not only in the sense of design to demand greater freedom of choice, in the function is also more powerful, Home Furnishing for intelligent control and wall switch is increasingly focused on the development of clean, Simon electric switch panel by signal control equipment, heating systems and Home Furnishing protocol interworking the lights, air conditioning and heating, intelligent home appliances and a whole system are integrated into a set of panels for centralized control, not only meet the intelligent integration for convenient operation, good decorative function to enhance the appearance design of switch socket products in the whole home.

    Now, with excellent solutions, Simon Electric has successfully created many hardcover cases, and with the national well-known real estate developers, hotels have a relatively deep cooperation. In 2017 as the starting point of the new century, will bring a big boost for Simon Electric brand globalization, Simon Electric will make more perfect products and services for the industry and bring more enlightenment and contribution to the society.

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